Ziggurat Mini Quilt Pattern

$ 8.00

Brand Nightingale Quilts

Inspired by the desert/earthly tones, cactus and clear midnight sky inspirations, this Aztec or South American themed pattern was born.

I focused on creating the Ziggurat - the square-ish stepped pyramids seen in both Mesopotamia and Central America with "gold" for the corners and the centre or the "heart". I included the cool green of the foliage that has hidden the pyramids for centuries and "eagles" in the far corners to symbolise the native people's strength, resiliance and intelligence in creating such structures in the middle of nowhere.


  • Colour A: fat quarter
  • Colour B: fat eighth
  • Colour C: fat quarter
  • Colour D: fat eighth
  • Colour E: fat eighth
  • Background (BG): 5/8yard
  • Binding: fat quarter
  • Backing: 3/4yard

Skill level: Beginner


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